Hilarious satire sketch welcomes Trump to the Netherlands (VIDEO)

Hilarious satire sketch welcomes Trump to the Netherlands (VIDEO)
Donald Trump’s inauguration was every news outlet’s focus, but the conclusion one Dutch TV presenter took from the president’s speech was “I will screw you over big time” – so he decided to introduce the new leader of the free world to his nation.

Host Arjen Lubach – think of him as a Dutch Jon Stewart or John Oliver – opens the segment by telling his audience that it’s better for the two nations to find a way to get along.


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With this in mind, Lubach decides to advertise the small low-lying European nation, "in a way that will probably appeal to him the most.” This involves talking up the Netherlands using brash, patriotic and dismissive rhetoric.

The narrator advertises The Netherlands to Trump, by appealing to his basic instincts and well-documented policies, saying they have built, not just a wall, but an entire ocean between themselves and Mexico.

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