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Master bakers: Omaha high-school pranksters trick teacher into swallowing semen frosting

Master bakers: Omaha high-school pranksters trick teacher into swallowing semen frosting
In a National Lampoon’s style prank, Omaha high school students put semen in frosting that was later tasted by their teacher. The punishment for the jokers is in legal limbo.

During a cooking class at Omaha Westside High School in Nebraska, students were asked to bake turnovers and decorate them with frosting.

Three freshmen thought it would be funny to masturbate into a container and add the fluid to the frosting ingredients, the Omaha World Herald reports.

The students’ 59-year-old female teacher then suffered the misfortune of tasting the boys’ finished product. She noticed the turnovers tasted a little funky.

Another student later told the teacher that he had heard the culprits talking about their plans to add something salty to the ingredients.

The three boys, ages 14 and 15, were questioned by school authorities. Two admitted to their deed, and a third said he had chickened out of the act.

Police were called and the boys’ frosting containers seized.

“The students will face consequences,” said Brandi Petersen, a spokesperson for Westside High. “We do not tolerate anything of this nature.”

Sadly, there is no law against adding bodily fluids to food. While the frosting was no doubt an assault on the senses, it doesn’t count as an actual assault as there was no bodily injury.

The boys face misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace.

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On Monday, the president of the teachers’ union in Westside said the students should face serious consequences. “The Westside Education Association is deeply concerned with any violence perpetrated against teachers and other school employees,” Michael Fryda, a science teacher at the school wrote. “What happened at Westside High School was not a harmless prank and it should not be treated as such.”