Absolut Vodka uses S. Korea’s impeachment protests for their ad

Absolut Vodka uses S. Korea’s impeachment protests for their ad
Sweden’s Absolut Vodka has used footage from South Korea’s impeachment protests for an ad to sell their alcohol.

One day after South Korean President Park Geun-hye was officially impeached, the French-owned Swedish vodka company Absolut released an ad featuring thousands of protesters in Seoul during a candlelight vigil. The photo was seemingly enhanced to resemble the shape of the distiller’s signature bottle.

“The Future is Yours to Create,” read the tagline over the slew of demonstrators who had been calling for the allegedly politically corrupt president’s impeachment for six weeks. The country’s parliament endorsed a motion to impeach the 64-year-old on Friday.

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After Absolut shared the image on their Facebook page Saturday, thousands of commenters lambasted the company for their inappropriate ploy to gain from the country’s political unrest.

“If Absolut vodka had funded the vigils, this may seem like an appropriate message combining their image with a message about Koreans‘ will to move forward for a more democratic future. But this is just commercialising that photo and the current political climate,” wrote one commenter according to the Korea Herald.

"If this was a World Cup match or a concert, it might have been suitable. However, if you know what this picture means, I don't think it's right to connect it to alcohol,"wrote Hyojang Chang.

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While many expressed their distaste over an alcohol company using their protest for profit, some admitted to being conflicted between Absolut’s lack of tact, and impressive marketing skills.

Proving vodka and politics really don’t mix however, the company reportedly apologized and removed the ad from all billboards and websites across the country.