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9 Dec, 2016 21:29

Car ‘parks’ itself after driver ejected during high-speed crash (VIDEO)

Car ‘parks’ itself after driver ejected during high-speed crash (VIDEO)

A sensational video filmed in Russia shows an unmanned car driving itself perfectly to a parking spot after the driver is dramatically thrown from the vehicle following a crash.

The footage, uploaded to Liveleak, was reportedly captured by traffic cameras in the city of Sochi in Krasnodar, on Thursday.

The car was struck by an oncoming vehicle as it attempted to cross a dual carriageway.

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The impact causes the driver to fall out onto the road while the car kicks in to ‘self-drive’ mode and crosses over to a parking space, coming to the perfect stop.

People from nearby vehicles rush over to the injured man, helping him up and bringing him safely off the road.

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