Very bewildered-beest tries to bring his buddy back to life (VIDEO)

Very bewildered-beest tries to bring his buddy back to life (VIDEO)
Wildebeest forge solid friendships, judging by this video from South Africa’s Kruger National Park in which one of the animals tries desperately to revive his friend who lies on the brink of death next to a road.

Tourist Bradley Ballantyne captured the desperate attempt of the animal as he used his head to try and lift his injured friend off the ground. The wildebeest uses his horns to hook his friend’s horns in an attempt to raise his head.

Ballantyne continued filming the animals, telling Latest Sightings that the fallen wildebeest “certainly looked dead, at least to me, as it was showing no signs of life.”

To his amazement the wildebeest’s efforts paid off, when after much work his friend sprung back to life and the pair ran away together.

“The animals bolted past my car, I drove after them for a few seconds but they ran into thick bush and was unable to follow them.” Ballantyne said.

Unfortunately the ending wasn’t as happy as he hoped when he later heard from a park official that the wildebeest was euthanized due to the extent of its injuries and inability to walk.

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