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Pedophile teacher allegedly attacked & killed with own trumpet by victims’ parents

Pedophile teacher allegedly attacked & killed with own trumpet by victims’ parents
An Argentinian music teacher who was convicted of molesting children has died after being severely beaten while he was performing at a concert in a cathedral close to Buenos Aires. Parents of his victims were allegedly responsible for the killing.

Marcelo Fabian Pecollo, who was handed a 30-year prison sentence in 2010 for molesting five preschool children, was both a music teacher and trumpeter with the Moron city orchestra. He was released from prison after only four years following a sentence reduction.

The attack at the cathedral happened on October 30 in the Moron suburb while Pecollo was performing, according to AFP.

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A group of parents interrupted the show shouting: “There is a pedophile and a rapist in the church and he is playing in this orchestra.”

The 42 year old attempted to escape but was caught by the parents who subsequently beat him to death, with one parent apparently hitting the man with his own trumpet, witnesses at the scene said.

Priest Jorge Oesterheld told local media Pecollo was “in a very, very bad way” and emergency services were called to the scene.

“When I arrived, those people were leaving,” Oesterheld said. “He was in a very, very bad way until the police and ambulance arrived.”

The priest said Pecollo was in a coma and died on Friday. He also condemned the parents and called the attack “revenge.”

“They say they took justice into their own hands, but it was revenge, it was murder.”

The trumpeter was initially arrested in 2007 following a complaint from a mother who said her 4-year-old child had been molested. Though six other cases surfaced, the court brought five out of the seven complaints to trial.

Children’s charity Alerta Vida ONG alleged in a Facebook post on Monday that Pecollo had abused “hundreds of babies” but got away with it.