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6 Dec, 2016 12:19

Oral sex for ‘no’ votes: Model to honor referendum promise with Italian tour

Oral sex for ‘no’ votes: Model to honor referendum promise with Italian tour

An Italian glamour model who offered oral sex to everyone who voted ‘no’ in the country’s referendum has announced dates of a country-wide tour where she promised to “go ahead” and fulfill her pledge.

Telling fans, “I am a woman of my word,” Paola Saulino announced tour dates for January to meet and reward those who voted ‘no’ in Italy’s referendum on Sunday.

Italian voters were asked whether they wanted to amend the constitution to change how parliament is run. Voters rejected the proposals, however, 60 per cent to 40.

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“Those who say NO to the referendum will be waiting in delight for my ‘Pompa Tour’ in January for what I promised to those who voted no,” the actress said. ‘Pompa’ is Italian slang for fellatio.

Saulino works in Los Angeles but says she will fly home to Italy for the 10-city tour. “Someone asked me how far I will go on this story. It will go ahead,” she wrote on Instagram.

‘No’ voters wishing to collect their reward must fill out a booking form to be sent back to Saulino. “Details will be provided in response to a private mail, in order to ensure the utmost confidentiality and serenity, attached you will find the booking form with a number which must be completed and sent,” she wrote on Facebook.

Commenters expressed a mix of excitement and horror at such a promise and, in some cases, disappointment that the Pompa Tour didn’t feature their own town.

Meanwhile, many alleged the entire situation was a PR stunt, pointing to the fact that no application form was made public, with some Facebook users describing the stunt as “sleazy” and “disgusting.”

“You're the shame of the female gender," wrote one commenter on the model’s Facebook page, while another simply described Saulino as a "hussy."

Saulino follows Madonna in offering sex acts for political votes. The American singer promised to give oral sex to anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election, but doesn’t appear to have kept her promise.

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