2 dead as Indian warship tips over in dock (PHOTOS)

2 dead as Indian warship tips over in dock (PHOTOS)
Two people were reportedly killed and 14 others injured after the INS Betwa, a missile frigate of the Indian Navy, capsized while having repair work carried out at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai.

According to Captain DK Sharma, the 126 meter-long and 3,850-metric ton vessel tipped over on Monday as it was being undocked and the mast smacked into the dockyard ground.

“There has been an incident in the cruiser grounding dock at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai involving INS Betwa,” the spokesman told India TV News.

“The incident occurred during undocking evolution wherein it’s suspected that the dock blocks mechanism failed. Further information is awaited,” he added.

As the ship was slowly being moved to the water from the dock, which involves tipping it, the whole vessel fell sideways.

It’s not the first time the INS Betwa has been involved in an accident, though previously, it was minor in comparison. In January 2014, the vessel collided with an object, leading to a crack in the ship’s sonar system.

The INS Betwa is one of the main warships of the Western Naval Command and also has two helicopters on board.

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