‘We just robbed Russia’: Internet reacts to controversial #KovalevWard boxing decision

‘We just robbed Russia’: Internet reacts to controversial #KovalevWard boxing decision
Despite hitting the floor in the second-round, Andre Ward went on to beat Sergey Kovalev in a controversial points decision from the judges. The result of the light-heavyweight fight has caused tempers to flare online, however.

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“Did they really just give that fight to Andre Ward? Well if Trump can win the presidency then anything is possible these days,” boxer Chris Eubank Jr. tweeted, in a sentiment shared by many who thought the decision was indicative of a world in which Donald Trump can become the leader of the US.

Ward himself seemed surprised at the result when he heard the decision. The boxer scored 114-113 on all three judges’ scorecards.

“A ridiculous decision and another black eye for boxing,” one tweet read, with many criticizing the judges.

Others, including former professional Manny Pacquiao, saw the result as fair, praising both fighters for their efforts. Fellow professional Amir Khan praised Ward for his “amazing performance.”

Kovalev criticized the decision in a post-fight interview, saying “I’m a guest here in the USA, and he’s a local, and all the judges are from the USA. I agree they support their boxer, but honestly, this is sport. Don’t make it like politics.”

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When asked about the possibility of a rematch, Kovalev was enthusiastic, saying “Sure – and I’ll kick his ass.”