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‘Robo-Trump’ tramples Mexicans in film attacking president-elect’s policies (VIDEO)

‘Robo-Trump’ tramples Mexicans in film attacking president-elect’s policies (VIDEO)
Mexicans are flung across the border wall and a giant robotic Donald Trump shoots from his crotch in a short film satirizing the president-elect’s views on immigration.

Titled ‘M.A.M.O.N. (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide’) the dark comedy Sci-Fi short depicts a fantasized version of Mexican immigrants being thrown out of the US, for which they also receive an invoice.

When the newly deported refuse to pay for the wall a giant robotic Trump powered by the man himself crosses over the border and with the help of some imaginative CGI starts a one-man war, using an arsenal of weapons shot from his crotch and head.

Mexicans throw everything they have at Trump including a mariachi band member, a cowardly diplomat and even a fighting rooster, in an attempt to save their culture from the warpath their opponent is on.

The film is the work of Uruguayan production company Aparato as part of the Wecanfixit project, whose missions is to “change the world using our geeky weapons: cinematography, visual effects and CGI.”

The project’s motto is: “Making the world a better place, one pixel at a time.”