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14 Nov, 2016 15:03

Assange's cat steals spotlight while WikiLeaks boss questioned

Everyone’s favorite “counter-purrveillance” feline made an appearance at the front window of the Ecuadorian embassy while Julian Assange was being interviewed in the presence of a Swedish prosecutor.

Known as ‘embassy cat’, the tabby was even dressed for the occasion, wearing a shirt collar along with a red and white striped tie.  

#embassycat upstages #assange

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The sneaky feline has often been spotted prowling through the embassy grounds and proved to be a handy companion for Assange, who has been residing in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012.

The pet was pictured curiously watching from the embassy window not long after Swedish representatives arrived to oversee the questioning of its owner regarding rape allegations.

During his stay at the embassy, Assange’s cat has been a trustworthy companion after being gifted to the WikiLeaks co-founder by his children earlier this year.

Just another meow-nic Monday! 😸

A photo posted by Embassy Cat (@embassycat) on

In its Twitter account, the pet has been known to get involved in politics, including the US elections.

It didn’t hold back on what it thought of Brexit either.

Embassy cat even has friends such as “Meowchael” Moore.

Meowchael Moore gives me new counterpurrveillance training: how to catch a drone!

A photo posted by Embassy Cat (@embassycat) on

It remains unclear if the Swedish officials were welcomed by the moggy.

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