New Yorkers post sticky notes of hope in subway to combat election blues (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

New Yorkers post sticky notes of hope in subway to combat election blues (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)
While many people across the US reacted negatively to the news of Donald Trump's election to the White House, some decided to channel their energy positively by posting upbeat messages on notes and sticking them on a New York subway wall.

An art installation aimed at cheering people up has been set up to help those devastated by the election result release pent-up feelings by writing messages of hope on Post-it notes stuck to the wall of a subway underpass on 14th Street.

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The “subway therapy” was originally started by bartender Matthew Chavez in June, but it appears it’s just the tonic New Yorkers need now.

Over 1,500 Post-it notes were handed out to commuters who covered the wall in the little pink, yellow and green squares containing their messages.

Chavez, who goes by the name of “Levee,” told the Epoch Times that he wanted to give people a chance to express themselves in light of the negativity surrounding the election.

“It’s been a very stressful couple of days and I thought people should have an opportunity to express themselves and maybe feel a little bit less stressed,” said Chavez.

Dozens of people were seen writing out their messages of hope on a small table before sticking their colorful sticky note on the wall.

One woman, who said she was part of the anti-Trump protests on Wednesday night, stated that she thought the installation was a good thing.

“I wrote on my note ‘USA is ours and we should nurture it the way we nurture our loved ones’,” she told Ruptly.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets across the US following the election, chanting anti-Trump slogans to express their displeasure of the outcome.

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