Mysterious blood-sucking creature attacks teen in graveyard (VIDEOS)

Mysterious blood-sucking creature attacks teen in graveyard (VIDEOS)
A spooky video from a graveyard in Australia appears to show a mysterious winged creature attack a teenager.

The video shows a group of teens walking through a graveyard in Westbury, Tasmania at night. Tim, the boy who gets bitten, throws something at one of the graves in the distance. A moment later, he swats something from his neck and lets out a yell.

A ghostly creature is captured on the footage flying around his head before Tim screams and runs away.

A second video filmed when back indoors shows a closeup of a painful-looking, raw wound on Tim’s neck.

"We've just got back from the graveyard and Tim's been bitten by some weird bug, or something," one friend is heard saying.

The boy sits looking shellshocked with a red face as his other friend watches the first video on her laptop, pausing it as the pale figure is seen on the screen.

Whether the vicious biter was a vampire, an evil spirit or just a big Australian bug, hanging around graveyards near Halloween probably wasn’t the best idea.