Pakistani policeman slaps female journalist and assaults cameraman in public (VIDEO)

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A shocking video has emerged of a policeman violently slapping a female journalist during a scuffle at a government office in Karachi.

The officer from the Frontier Constabulary was seen arguing with Saima Kanwal from channel K-21 as she was doing a live program.

The journalist was doing a report on the issues people face at Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) when she got into a rift with the guard after he grabbed hold of the camera man.

“We are not going inside so let the cameraman go,” she informed the police officer in Urdu. “Don’t lay a hand on him, I’m telling you.”

“If he is behaving with the media in such a way, then think about how badly he behaves with normal people here,” Kanwal told the camera in reference to the officer.

Shortly after, the reporter approached the policeman and confronted him, asking if he had “no shame” for his behavior.

The officer responded by reaching forward and slapping the reporter across the face before firing at least 18 rounds of his gun in the air after bystanders attempted to beat him up, the Express Tribune reports.

A case has now been registered against the officer involved.