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‘Allah wants Trump in White House’: ‘Obama’s half brother’ lights up Twitter

‘Allah wants Trump in White House’: ‘Obama’s half brother’ lights up Twitter
A Twitter account claiming to be from Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik, has gone into overdrive in recent days, tweeting disdain for the US president and praise for Donald Trump, whom the account claims “Allah wants to see in the White House.”

“I do not know Mexico but if Trump says we need a wall I will help build the wall,” the unverified account says after tweeting regularly in the past few days. The account sat dormant for some time but claims it is active again as Malik was “afraid to speak up when I had a green card. I am an American now and I am voting Trump!”

Malik Obama was present in Las Vegas on Wednesday as a guest of Trump at the third and final presidential debate. The Kenyan, who has become estranged from his half-brother in recent years, told Reuters in July that Trump “appeals to me and also I think that he is down to earth and he speaks from the heart and he is not trying to be politically correct”.

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The account jokingly referenced its lack of verification, asking “How do I get verified? Do I submit my birth certificate?”

A barrage of tweets from the account beginning on Tuesday criticized Barack Obama claiming “He is a son of Africa but he hasn't loved us!” Michelle Obama is also criticized for attempting to separate Malik from his half-brother, who was Obama’s best man at his wedding to Michelle.

The keyboard-happy account has nothing but praise for Trump, tweeting “It is true that Trump has always helped the black man. Mike Tyson knows!!!”

Whether the account is genuine or not, its power seems to be in the hands of an internet newbie, still unfamiliar with the dark corners of the web.