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15 Oct, 2016 13:54

Ethereal images capture meteor speeding over molten lava (PHOTOS)

Ethereal images capture meteor speeding over molten lava (PHOTOS)

An incredible once-in-a-lifetime shot by a photographer in Hawaii saw him brave a volcanic eruption to find the perfect setting for his dramatic night sky image.

American photographer Mike Mezeul, 32, is no stranger to snapping stunning photos of nature at it’s awesome best.

He captured the incredible images juxtaposing Earth’s volcanic activity against the dark vastness of space while visiting Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii when he spotted a meteor soaring overhead.

I was literally in shock,” he told The Huffington Post. “It was my third frame to shoot after the sun had set, and after I saw the meteor, I knew I couldn’t beat that image, so I packed it up and headed back.”

Mezeul trekked some 13 miles “through some of the most extreme landscape I’ve ever been in” to get his shots - and left after spending just a few seconds at the site to avoid getting burned by lava.

Once I found the lava surface flows, it was so amazing to see something that had traveled so far from the center of our Earth to that exact spot,” said Mezeul.

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Mezeul travels all over the world to capture spectacular pictures of the elements, sharing them on social media and his website.  

The northern lights dance above Kirkjufell in Iceland. One of the most amazing moments of my life was this night.

A photo posted by Mike Mezeul II (@mikemezphoto) on

Things that make you say "damn." Incredible lightning last night over Terlingua, Texas.

A photo posted by Mike Mezeul II (@mikemezphoto) on

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“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

A photo posted by Mike Mezeul II (@mikemezphoto) on

"The Beauty and The Beast"- Kansas | May 24, 2016 This is a real moment, a real person, a real tornado. No composite.

A photo posted by Mike Mezeul II (@mikemezphoto) on