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Mesmerizing slow mo footage shows underwater explosions in stunning detail (VIDEO)

Mesmerizing slow mo footage shows underwater explosions in stunning detail (VIDEO)
A pair of extreme slow motion enthusiasts has captured the dazzling bursts of underwater explosions in spectacular detail.

Known as the ‘Slow Mo Guys’, British duo Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy set off a series of fireworks inside a fish tank and captured the breathtaking results.

The small pops from the M-1000 bangers are less than impressive in real time, but when captured at an extremely slow motion rate of 28,000 frames per second, and in water, the mundane act is transformed into a thing of beauty.

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The explosions creates a beautiful expanding orb when it goes off. This orb inflates into a stunning sphere of oxygen and light before collapsing on itself in a fiery ball, leaving a cloud of smoke.

The pair gained Youtube fame with their fascinating slow motion treatment of things such as firing an assault rifle and smashing a mirror.

For their latest video, they used a float to stop the firecrackers from rising to the surface.

Free and Gruchy also served up the shots at different exposures to highlight different aspects of the bang.

The slow motion treatment also reveals beautiful crystal-like patterns on the surface of the water as shockwaves pass through the surrounding liquid.

Free’s expertise in working with slow motion cameras has resulted in him being hired as a camera expert on Hollywood films including Dredd and Snow White and the Huntsman.