Footage of dead woman’s ‘soul’ leaving body stuns viewers (VIDEO, POLL)

Footage of dead woman’s ‘soul’ leaving body stuns viewers (VIDEO, POLL)
CCTV footage of what is alleged to be a woman’s soul leaving her body has divided the internet, with some branding it a real spirit and others dismissing it as a Photoshop stunt.

The video shows a gruesome collision between a pickup truck and a motorbike in the Thai city of Lopburi.

The bike’s female passenger is sent flying into a pole before falling to the ground. A moment later, a dark silhouette appears upright next to the body, with a distinctly human-like shape.

Soldiers from the nearby Phibun Songkram Camp run to the scene where the “soul” remains. One soldier's arm appears to pass through the ghostly shape.

Some viewers were convinced the video captured a spirit leaving a body, while others criticized it for disrespecting the dead woman and branded it fake.

“Souls are real but this one is fake,” one viewer commented, while another described the video as “bullsh*t. The guy runs up and puts his arm around her.”

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