Armed robber flees after stern reprimand from fearless cashier (VIDEO)

Armed robber flees after stern reprimand from fearless cashier (VIDEO)
A 24-year-old cashier said she was too shocked to think clearly when she was held at gunpoint by a drunk man who tried to rob the pawn shop where she works in Minsk, Belarus.

A security camera video recorded the evening of September 15 when Evgenia found herself trapped in the tiny office of her shop with a masked man waving a gun in her face, demanding money.

“I thought he was joking, that it was a prank,” she told Komsomolskaya Pravda in an interview.

She even grabbed his gun at one point and tried to rip it out of his gloved hands.

But the guy kept insisting so she hit the emergency button only to experience “3 minutes that lasted for eternity” as she put it, before security arrived.

All the while the man kept pleading for money, threatening (albeit not very assertively) to enter her cubicle. While he made an uncertain attempt to do just that, she quickly locked the door and then also closed the hatch through which he had previously stuck his gun.

The would-be robber then changed his tactics and tried a few compliments on the young woman: “You’re very beautiful,” he mumbled through the closed glass window.

“You’re a beautiful human being too. But what the hell do you think you’re doing?”, Evgenia replied with a stern teacher's note.

The robber then tries yet another approach, playing the "one can't earn money in this country" card. Evgenia replied that “I work for next to nothing, as well.” Shorthand for ‘deal with it’.

Who knows where the conversation might have wandered had it not been for the masked man’s accomplice, who was standing watch outside the shop. He apparently warned the thief of the police’s approach and the two fled. A manhunt is underway for them.

The fearless cashier is hoping for a bonus from her employer and also considering attending self-defense courses.