Furious driver knocked down, almost run over by her own car (VIDEO)

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After being stopped for a traffic violation, this Chinese woman was lucky to leave with only a ticket after she almost drove over herself with her own car.

The angry woman can be seen jumping out of her car to argue with police but as she shouts at the officers, her car begins to move slowly backwards, trapping her behind the car door.

The woman, still shouting, is forced to run backwards alongside the reversing car as it gathers speed. She then lost her footing and fell on the ground, narrowly avoiding being run over by her own car.

The car continued on as the woman watched helplessly from the ground. Luckily, it came to a stop shortly afterwards. It’s understood the woman didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Similarly, in August, a woman in Burlington, Washington was run over by her own car after getting out of the vehicle to close her gas cap which she had left open. Dashcam footage of the incident shows the car rolling away as she tries to get back in with the vehicle then running her over, crushing her legs.