Plane’s propeller falls off mid-flight in stomach-churning footage (VIDEO)

Plane’s propeller falls off mid-flight in stomach-churning footage (VIDEO)
One plucky pilot was forced to make a daring ‘deadstick’ landing when his propeller broke off mid-flight in a nail-biting episode caught on a cockpit camera.

Mark Penell was flying the small aircraft, a Rans S-10 above Camillus in New York state, when suddenly the plane’s propeller stopped working and dropped right off the plane - midair.

The aircraft had to be brought back down to earth without power to its ‘stick’, or propeller, but Penell remained cool, calm and collected.

Maintaining a clear head in the face of what must have been incredible pressure, Pennell glided the small plane toward the runway below.

After a few minutes of gliding around without propulsion, the pilot nailed an astonishingly safe and smooth landing.

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Penell looks composed at the end of the footage, calmly climbing out of the cockpit and examining the front of the plane for signs of the defective instrument which could have brought about his - quite literal - downfall.

The impressive footage was actually shot in May 2014, however a recent upload on video sharing site LiveLeak has given the video a second viral wind.

Many viewers commented online about Penell’s impressive composure and seasoned piloting skills.

While I'm sure that got your heart pumping, you sure didn't show it. Really nice job handling that problem. The landing looked better than many I've seen while under power. I'm guessing you had not only done the training for that eventuality, but have practiced it semi-regularly,” wrote CrimFerret.

You Barely Flinched! if it was me id be swearing and crying the whole time,” commended WaVy Croc.

You can tell that this pilot was very seasoned. he was collected and attentive… Good job at keeping a cool head under the circumstances. Any landing you can walk away from is always a good one,” praised Ed Spencer.

That look at the end! This is what I got out of it.... ‘damn thing up and left! I can't believe this happened! Wonder what this will cost me? I better not tell the wife’," wrote IzakGt