Dolphin totals surfer: Teen slammed by wave-catching bottlenose (VIDEO)

Dolphin totals surfer: Teen slammed by wave-catching bottlenose (VIDEO)
Like Free Willy gone wrong, one Aussie teenager had a lucky escape after a dolphin dived from a wave but instead of jumping over him, it crashed into the surfer, smashing his surfboard in the process.

Jed Gradisen, 13, was hitting the waves in Kalbarri, Western Australia, when the dolphin decided to get in on the action, with the teen given only mere seconds to react.

“Oh my god, they were coming straight for me, so I tried to get out of the way and it jumped straight into me,” Jed said.

The teenager’s father, Andrew, was filming his son at the time and captured the moment the dolphin is seen smashing into his son.

Although the dolphin landed on Jed’s shoulder and half of his back, the teenager wasn’t injured in the incident, only feeling a little sore in the few days that followed.

The teen doesn’t think the dolphin was out to attack him, saying it was “probably an accident” as the dolphin appeared “shocked” and “amazed” at what happened.  

“The dolphin reacted, I think, really shocked - almost as shocked as I was,” the teenager says. “It’s nose went straight through my board, it must have hurt a bit. It was rustling around, it really didn’t know what to do."