Firestarter: Russian man ‘experiments’ with lighter at gas station, sets car ablaze (VIDEO)

© Kto Tut
In an attempt to find out how dangerous it could possibly be to use a lighter at a gas station, a “researcher” in the Russian city of Omsk has set his car and a fuel pump on fire. A CCTV camera caught the moment of this surprisingly non-fatal incident.

CCTV footage shows an old car with three men inside arriving at a gas station. One of them leaves to, presumably, pay for gas, while another puts a hose into a fuel tank of their car. When the first man returns, the second one unexpectedly draws a lighter and sets the car aflame. The “prankster” manages to pull out the flaming hose and sets fuel pump on fire as well, while the third man rushes out of the car.

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Видео опубликовано RT (@rt)

The three friends try to put out the flames on their own, using their bare hands, feet and clothing, and eventually push the car away, fleeing the scene. The car’s fuel tank is still flaming during the escape.

Burning fuel pump luckily goes out on its own, while the station personnel are nowhere to be seen during the entire incident.

No one was reportedly injured during the event.