More Germans would quit sex than give up driving in return for €1mn

More Germans would quit sex than give up driving in return for €1mn
A new poll has given an interesting insight into the desires of the German nation by revealing that more people are willing to give up sex than driving, in exchange for a €1 million windfall.

Some 200,000 people were asked what they would do to gain millionaire status and forfeiting sex was one of the more popular choices.

Almost 40 percent of those surveyed said they would abstain from sexual relations for a year in order to become €1 million richer.

However, only 27 percent said they would be willing to sacrifice their driving licenses.

Meanwhile, a fifth of Germans were willing to engage in sexual activity with someone they weren’t attracted too - just to get their hands on the cash.

Some people were willing to go to extraordinary lengths in exchange for the theoretical prize: 7 percent were willing to knock three years off their lives, 2 percent said they would sacrifice one of their five senses, and 1 percent said they would become permanently disabled.

The survey ‘Wir Deutschen und das Geld’ (We Germans and our money) was carried out by YouGov between April and June this year and the results have now been published in a book.

Despite the apparent willingness to sacrifice romantic relations for a wad of cash, the majority of Germans polled said health and family were the most important things in life.

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