Leap of faith: Dubai base jumper makes blind plunge through clouds (VIDEO)

Nothing to see here. © Negative4 Productions
Visibility was beyond poor when this base jumper made a daring leap from a Dubai skyscraper through thick cloud.

Jumping from over 200 meters, the unidentified daredevil hoped for the best with the ground far from sight.

The tense takeoff and ensuing plunge through dense cloud cover were filmed by an accomplice on site as well as from a camera mounted to the jumper’s helmet.

Luckily his judgment wasn’t clouded and the jumper nailed his landing, walking away from a construction site with passersby none the wiser to his audacious stunt.

Delighted to have pulled off such an incredible stunt, the jumper enjoys a well-deserved smile from terra firma as he takes a look back up at the foggy point he just jumped from. We hope you get blue skies the next day, buddy.