Creepy ‘real ghost’ encounter footage goes viral - but what was it? (VIDEO, POLL)

Creepy ‘real ghost’ encounter footage goes viral - but what was it? (VIDEO, POLL)
A video by comedic actor Soori of his “unbelievably true" run in with a “real ghost” in southern India, has gone viral after he posted the footage to Facebook.

While most fans questioned if Soori’s “encounter” was nothing more than an elaborate and creative prank, several news outlets appeared to run with 

The Express UK reported: “The actor and his driver are talking in casual conversation when they suddenly approach an eerie figure standing still in the middle of the road on a highway.”

The New Indian Express ramp’s up the tension by writing that “Fear grips Soori and his driver, as is palpable in his voice, as the actor asks his driver to turn off the headlights and just drive on.”

Meanwhile Indian news website First Post point out their own skepticism of the incident while highlighting Soori’s ghost perception skills: “We may have passed it off for a road barrier of some sort, but Soori's more observant and perceptive eyes pick up on the possibility that this could be a spirit.”

The minute-long video starts with Soori stumbling upon a lone figure in the middle of the road, apparently at 2:30am on the dark Palani to Coimbatore highway. The actor and his driving companion come to a stop in front of the ghost/hitchhiker/supporting actor and are really freaked out by the ‘apparition’.

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The pair then proceed to deal with the situation in an unlikely - and ill-advised - manner, turning off the car’s headlights and driving full-speed towards the unknown figure until they apparently run over it.

The Blair Witch Project-like heavy breathing and irritating camera shake do their best to add tension, and when the guys finally build up the nerve to turn on a light and assess the damage, what appears to be some sort of padded blanket (or sleeping bag?) is lying across the windshield.

The video has been viewed almost half a million times since it was posted on Thursday and has garnered over 10,000 shares.

But we’ll let you be the judge - did Soori see a ghost?