World’s creepiest selfie drives internet demented over ghostly apparition (POLL)

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The internet has been taken over by a “devilish” sorcery debate, and all because of this seemingly innocent selfie.

The picture, originally posted to the photo sharing website 9GAG, was shared by a Twitter user with the caption: “What kinda devilish thing is going on?”

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While the photo seems normal at first, a closer look at the glass behind the couple shows what appears to be the woman’s smiling reflection - facing the wrong way.

Some 17,000 retweets later, the people of Twitter responded with a bizarre array of reasons for the weird photo perspective.

Suspicions jumped from allegations of photoshop use to possible paranormal activity, and a surprising number of Lord Voldemort appearance suggestions.

Most people were just extremely unnerved by the image:

But we want to know...