Ah nuts! Japanese pole vaulter crushes Olympic dream with own penis

Hiroki Ogita of Japan © Kai Pfaffenbach
The agonizing moment a Japanese pole vaulter probably wished he had a smaller penis happened just as he attempted to clear the bar at 5.3 meters. Instead of gliding over, he knocked it with his manhood.

It was a bit of an, ahem, balls up for Hiroki Ogita, who was participating in the Rio 2016 final. His Olympic dreams were similarly crushed when his penis smacked off the pole.

His leg initially touched the bar, leading it to wobble slightly, but ultimately it was his penis that whacked off the pole on his first attempt. On his second try, he eventually cleared the bar but failed to make the cut for the finals after finishing in 21st place.

Ogita’s pink lycra bottoms did him no favors; he was seen grimacing in pain when he fell onto the mat.

Though it was a sad moment for Ogita, the incident didn’t stop Twitter from having the last laugh.