SUV driver hits cyclist with homophobic rant after two tussle in shared lane (VIDEO)

SUV driver hits cyclist with homophobic rant after two tussle in shared lane (VIDEO)
A California SUV driver dropped a homophobic slur, Donald Trump’s name, and the threat of death during a rant against a cyclist which was caught on video.

The angry polluter has since apologized after his vicious tantrum went viral, although he is not currently facing criminal charges for threatening to “smack” the cyclists or “throw Trump” if no witnesses were present.

Robert Lewis told KCBS that he was embarrassed about the incident that occurred last week in the Orange County city of Newport Beach in which he called the cyclist a “short little f*cking faggot.”

Lewis failed to realize that he was driving in a shared lane that motorists can only use if cyclists are not present.

“I would smack you so fucking good. If there wasn’t any witnesses, I’d throw Trump on you. My name is your worst enemy motherfucker. I’m your Huckleberry,” Lewis is seen yelling at the unidentified cyclist.

He is seen walking away from the cyclist sticking his middle finger up before saying, “This means you’re a dead man walking.”

Lewis repeatedly tells the cyclist that he’s a surfer during the video, implying that his abilities on a board carry a threat.

Apparently, not all surfers are chilled peace-loving humans at one with nature and their surroundings.

According to KCBS, the cyclist claims Lewis attempted to make a citizen’s arrest after his car brushed up against his elbow when driving in the shared lane.

Under California law, drivers can only use the lane if it is not being used by cyclist.

The cyclist can be seen attempting to explain this to Lewis who is too enraged to listen.

“I’m very embarrassed. I screwed up,” Lewis said on camera in at attempt to regain some honor and possibly avoid a lawsuit or arrest.

Police are investigating the incident, according to KCBS. It is not yet known what to “throw Trump” means, but we can only imagine.