Gold medal for road rage? Rio bus driver bulldozes cab out of the way (VIDEO)

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A bus driver seemingly fed up with marathon-sized traffic jams at the Olympic Games has been spotted shoving a taxi cab down a Rio de Janeiro street in an extraordinary moment of road rage.

The driver’s patience appears to have truly snapped, judging by footage showing the large bus ramming and bulldozing a car out of its way.

Purportedly filmed on Wednesday, the video features a taxi cab being forcefully rammed by a bus before it eventually spins onto the opposite side of the road.

There is a deafening screech of brakes as the car vainly attempts to prevent the bus forcing it down the street. In the end, the bus simply drives away from the bizarre scene, leaving the stunned cab driver to assess the damage.

The incident was captured by a number of amazed passersby on their mobile phones.

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The bus ramming incident comes after an official city bus carrying journalists was reportedly shot at as it traveled to the main Olympic Park on Tuesday.