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7 Aug, 2016 15:20

Prankster ties ‘get well soon’ balloon to road-kill raccoon (PHOTO)

Prankster ties ‘get well soon’ balloon to road-kill raccoon (PHOTO)

While those a little squeamish may recoil at the sight of a dead raccoon, one Colorado resident just couldn’t resist bringing a little dark humor to proceedings by tying a ‘Get Well Soon’ balloon to the unfortunate animal.

The helium filled balloon, complete with butterflies and flowers, was tied to the piece of road-kill in Boulder, Colorado, by an anonymous motorist on Thursday.

"It's sad for the raccoon but it really did brighten my day," Hanna Gould told Boulder Daily Camera.

Spotted by local journalist Sarah Kuta, one local told her they thought the person who killed the raccoon was trying to improve their karma through some black humor.

They wouldn’t be the first to do such a thing either. In fact, the deceased raccoon joins a long list of roadkill which have been decorated with such balloons.

Poor little roadkill skunk. Someone (very brave) tied a balloon to its paw. It says: "Sorry You're Leaving!".

A photo posted by Bethany Wiggins (@author_bethany_wiggins) on

Some have gone even a little further, creating what could be described as a shrine to a dead raccoon.

Rest in peace little buddy... #rip #deadracoonTO #roadkill #memorial #VSCOcam

A photo posted by Andrew Dub (@phoxtrot) on

Here’s hoping historians don’t look back on this period of humanity as a point where we worshiped raccoons as some sort of overlord.