Loved by many: ‘Loving wife’ and ‘longtime girlfriend’ post dueling obituaries for deceased man

The deceased had plenty of loved ones. © Phil Noble
Even in death Leroy Black is at the center of a bitter feud for his affection. Two almost identical obituaries appeared for Black after he died of lung cancer, one from his “loving wife” and one from his “longtime girlfriend”.

"The wife wanted it one way, and the girlfriend wanted it another way," Greenidge Funeral Home told the Philly Voice when asked about the 55-year-old who died last week. Despite their shared interests in the deceased, the women came to a mutual agreement.

The home anticipated there would be no problems with Black having two obituaries as both wife and girlfriend were informed.

Depending on which obituary you read, Black is survived by different people and called different names. In the obituary posted by his wife Bearetta Harrison Black, where his middle name is listed as Bill, there is no mention of Princess Hall, Black’s girlfriend.

Equally, Hall, who lists his middle name as Blast, fails to mention his wife in her obituary.

She also doesn’t list two of his children, which were not mothered by Bearetta or Hall. She lists his occupation, fiberglass technician, a detail missing from his wife’s obituary.

Black’s funeral is scheduled to take place on Sunday, where his loved ones are expected to say their farewells.