DIY Olympics: Pair of gymnasts trampoline over 3 cars (VIDEO)

© Nafees Picses
Not all sports enthusiasts were lucky enough to make it to this year’s Olympics in Rio, but these two men put on a worthy performance after a video showed them jumping over three cars.

Dozens of people gathered to watch stunt, which is believed to have taken place in the US town of Hicksville, Ohio, over the weekend.

The two men are seen running towards the cars before leaping onto a small trampoline, which launches them into the air as they dive forward and do a flip.

As they perfectly land on the ground, it’s not over yet. Both men then perform several forward flips as the crowd cheers them on.

A bystander was able to capture the performance from a different angle, showing off the impressive talent, but hiding the trampoline.

Others were not so impressed and said the stunt looked easy.

We will let you decide for yourselves.