Foul play: Twitter baffled by sacking of soccer referees following Turkish coup

Turkish referee Cueneyt Cakir © Tony Gentile
The internet was left baffled after it was revealed that 94 soccer officials, including numerous referees, had been sacked from their jobs following the failed coup in Turkey.

It emerged on Tuesday that in the wake of the of the July 15 coup, the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) “deemed it necessary” to dismiss the officials, which included regional and nationally-ranked referees and assistant referees, as well as regional refereeing committee members and national and regional observers.

No further details were given as to who the people were or why they were let go. The internet was equally perplexed.

Many found plenty of scope to poke fun at the decision, with one man joking that he “heard they were whistleblowers.”

Others have questioned if the decision taken by the football authorities will result in Turkey being banned from any football federations.

The news comes only days after all members of affiliated committees of the TFF resigned so a "security inspection" could take place to investigate any possible supporters of US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is suspected by Turkey of masterminding the coup.

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