Drunken bikini-clad woman kicks out police car windscreen in failed escape attempt (VIDEO)

The officer can be seen punching the woman. © ИНТЕРЕСНО !!!
Dutch courage was on display in Russia in this video of a bikini-clad barefoot woman kicking out a police car windscreen. The woman was reportedly being detained for starting a fight at a swimming pool when she attempted the drunken escape.

The video shows an officer outside the car as the woman kicks the window out, smashing it completely with impressive power. Despite the carnage, the officer blocking her door remains on his phone.

She then attempts to kick out the passenger window before he eventually hangs up, puts down his phone and attempts to detain her in the car.

According to the Daily Mail, he shouts at her "What the f**k are you doing, you stupid cow?" She then reportedly attempts to film the police on her tablet.

It’s understood the woman will face charges including resisting arrest, a fine and a possible 15-day jail sentence. No details are known on whether the officer will face any charges.