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Chicken as*holes and daddy vibes: The most bizarre #DNCleaks revelations

Chicken as*holes and daddy vibes: The most bizarre #DNCleaks revelations
The DNC offices are never dull, judging by the latest email leaks which reveal a workplace where questionable chicken parts are eaten for lunch, morbid jokes are made and speculation is circulated over who might be gay.

Love is apparently in the air there too, despite some misgivings about expressing it.

In one exchange between finance directors Jordan Kaplan and Zachary Allen, the words “I love you” are uttered before Kaplan clarifies the exact extent of his love by writing, “No homo.”

The DNC have openly supported LGBT rights but some members of the organization still appear uncomfortable with gay people, speculating over the sexuality of one man by claiming he “is definitely gay” and “Totes. He gives me daddy vibes.”

One organization who isn’t showing the DNC love is the Chicago Cubs baseball team, who haven’t been giving them free tickets as “the guy who we used to go to hates Obama now” according to one DNC employee.

Luckily someone in the office has a cousin who can get tickets if desperately needed.

They help out each other in the DNC, offering to pick up lunch for their colleagues. Unfortunately, one employee wants a salad, which sounds healthy, but he would like it with “chicken a$$hole”.

The place that serves this questionable dish is referred to as “DT.” Could this mean downtown, or maybe Donald Trump’s?

One employee was offered an even stranger lunch. Enough said.

“David and I have been joking about wearing black arm bands to mourn the passing of Morley Saffer [sic]. It's a running gag,” Kaplan writes when sending his colleague some morbid humor on the same day that “60 Minutes” correspondent Morley Safer passed away.

Their sense of humor gets particularly out of hand in one email thread where they discuss creating a fake Craigslist ad mocking Donald Trump.

Surprisingly the ad was apparently approved, looking for people to work in a place where the boss “may greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table.”

And of course there's Pablo Manriquez, a man whose antics as an DNC employee have led to him being hailed a hero online.

Pablo seemingly didn’t show up for work, gave off sass and caused tempers to flare in the office leading to one colleague typing, “F*ck off Pablo.”

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