Blaze of glory? Olympic torch bearer falls flat while running for Rio (VIDEO)

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It can be nerve wracking when all eyes are focused on you at a major event, but this unfortunate torch bearer seemed to experience new levels of embarrassment after falling flat on her face during an event ahead of the Rio games.

The footage in Brazil shows the woman running slowly with a smile on her face through the busy streets, while holding the Olympic flame.

Moments later, appearing to slow down before attempting to pick up the pace, she loses her footing and falls to the ground, face first.

Police join her on each side to help her up ,with an officer quickly grabbing the torch after it rolls onto the ground.

Two other officers then help the red-faced woman back onto her feet, and even fix her disheveled hair.

She can be seen nodding and putting on a brave smile before continuing with her run.

It’s not the first time the Olympic torch was involved in a major blunder either. Only weeks before, another torch bearer in Brazil was attacked with a fire extinguisher during a ceremony.

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In June a man was arrested for attempting to throw a bucket of water at the Olympic flame, but somehow missed and drenched the torch bearer and security guards.