Proof: Melania Trump definitely did not copy Michelle Obama (VIDEO)

Melania Trump (L), wife of Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump and Michelle Obama © Mike Segar
There will undoubtedly come a day that the incessant taunting of Melania Trump over her plagiarized RNC speech is no longer hilarious, but we have yet to reach that day.

While many consider the copycat case to be closed, the Bad Lip Reading expert has proved once and for all that Mrs Trump absolutely did not copy Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, in fact, they couldn’t be more different.

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I don’t know what all the fuss is about… they’re really not that similar to me,” wrote the anonymous YouTuber.

We could compare the speeches word for word...or we could let the overwhelming evidence speak for itself.

It’s like pickles and cucumbers… totally different, you doh dohs.

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Who doesn’t like pickles?