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12 Jul, 2016 15:13

Poltergeist playground: Kids spooked by ‘haunted ghost’ swing (VIDEO, POLL)

Poltergeist playground: Kids spooked by ‘haunted ghost’ swing (VIDEO, POLL)

A father from Rhode Island has captured the moment his children refused to go into a seaside playground because of a haunted swing.

Despite there being no wind and other nearby swings remaining at a standstill, one blue seat continues to rock eerily by itself.

Scotty Denton’s video of the seemingly spooky happenings posted on Facebook has since gone viral and garnered more than six million views.

In the clip Denton explains how his children are refusing to go into the playground.

“There’s nobody out there. This has been going on for about two minutes. There’s no wind right now and this thing is swinging like crazy,” the Rhode Island native speaks to the camera.

His children can be heard in the background reacting with a mix of terror and excitement at the strange events.

One commenter on the video suggested that the movement was part of a trick and that someone was actually pulling the swing by a fishing wire.

However, others are dead set on the ghost theory, with one man likening the footage to something out of the Paranormal Activity films.

Denton has since posted an update to the ghostily clip to debunk online debate that the swing is always moving.

“This video is for just the haters out there that said the [previous] video was bulls**t,” he says.