Couldn’t find spaceman, illegally parked UFO gets towed (VIDEO)

Couldn’t find spaceman, illegally parked UFO gets towed (VIDEO)
Finding a place to park in the galaxy is getting tougher these days judging by this video of what appears to be a spacecraft on the back of a truck speeding down a highway.

The mysterious video that appeared online this week is sure to frustrate one alien out there who laughed at first before realizing that was his craft being towed.

“He is in a hurry, and having a UFO on your trailer and gov officials waiting for's no wonder why he is moving so fast,” Latest UFO Stories speculate on the video.

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Alternatively they suggest that a helpful farmer, who found the craft on his land, is taking it to an Air Force Base for the government to be nice and friendly to its occupants.

We prefer to think that some alien tourists not knowing our earthbound laws parked illegally.

Hopefully no one got hurt.

An earlier video, claimed to be from near the famous Area 51 in Nevada, shows a similar looking object on the back of a truck. This time the supposed UFO is covered, maybe to protect a new coat of wax.

Either aliens are notoriously poor at parking or they’re fantastic at selling second hand vehicles to the US government.