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3 Jul, 2016 16:11

Marvel transform Trump into ‘big head’ Captain America supervillain (PHOTOS)

Marvel transform Trump into ‘big head’ Captain America supervillain (PHOTOS)

Love him or hate him, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump grabs people’s attention and now Marvel have transposed his likeness into a comic book villain known for his battles with Captain America.

Featuring in Marvel writer Jason Latour’s first Spider Gwen Annual issue of the year, a character called MODAAK bears an uncanny resemblance to the Republican presidential candidate.

The mock-up appears to be a spoof of MODOK – a fictional mobile organism designed by scientists that goes off the rails and becomes a killing machine.

While Trump’s appearance as Captain America’s nemesis in the comic can only be speculated to be an allegory for the political situation in the US, the fact that MODAAK stands for “Mental Organism Designed as America’s King” shows just what Marvel thinks of the billionaire businessman.

The original MODOK character’s strange appearance prompted a hilarious moment in animated series The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when Thor struggled to describe his enemy. 

“It’s some kind of… that is a very big head,” the very confused Norse god said.

Images from inside Latour’s comic show the tanned supervillain taking a beating from a female Captain America, while uttering the words: “Must make America…”

Trump is not the first presidential candidate to feature in a comic. Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have also been given the comic book treatment by publishers Storm Entertainment. 

Storm Entertainment president Darren Davis said that the books were not meant to “proselytize for one party, one candidate, or one point of view.”

“If we are to be successful, we need to balance our stories and provide an even-handed look at our readers and the process by which they govern… warts and all.”