Watch the fire-themed Game of Thrones intro, performed in an actual forge (VIDEO)

Despite a prolonged economic crisis, a Ukrainian metallurgical plant fired up its forges for a spectacular orchestral performance of the Game of Thrones theme tune, with blasts of fire and a din of freshly-cast metal as accompaniment.

“This is what Ukrainian metallurgy is like! Show me another factory like that in the world that has a chamber orchestra playing inside!” boasted Yuri Zinchenko, the director of the Illich Steel and Iron Works located in the southern coastal city of Mariupol.

If undermined by an anachronistic 4:3 ratio, the effect was stunning as the skirts of the immaculately attired performers billowed and smoke covered their faces.

The video has already gathered more than 40,000 views and put a stop to the endless political repartee between Russians and Ukrainians in the comment section, if only for three minutes.

Still, not everyone was satisfied.

“Might as well have done the Terminator 2 theme, while they were at it,” wrote one commenter.