Faulty bungee smashes teenage girl into rocks (VIDEO)

Faulty bungee smashes teenage girl into rocks (VIDEO)
A 19-year-old Russian woman was lucky to escape with only minor injuries when she smashed into some rocks after a bungee jump at Ruskeala Park in Karelia went horribly wrong.

The young woman, identified by the Daily Mail as Maryana, leaps from a platform above a quarry while cheered on by friends.

At first, the jump seems to be going according to plan, as screams of apparent excitement can be heard as she leaps.

After her plunge, the rope should have slowly brought her across to the other side, but instead she’s swung rapidly onto a rock face.

Luckily, despite the impact, she manages to get a grip on the rock before swinging out again.

Maryana was rushed to the hospital, but managed to escape without serious injuries thanks to her helmet. She is currently on sick leave from work.

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She's not expected to bungee jump again any time soon.

Anybody eager to see how the jump should have gone, here’s a clip of the jump going right, which looks like a hell of a lot of fun.