Dashcam captures enraged driver smashing into squad car, dragging cop (VIDEO)

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A Milwaukee woman is facing five felony charges for taking her extreme road rage out on a police officer, who pulled her over for speeding, by slamming into his squad car.

A dashcam caught the craziness of the incident as it unfolded after an officer pulled over 23-year-old Kelvina Freeman for speeding on a Wisconsin highway on May 15.

Police discovered Freeman was driving with a suspended license and officers prepared to tow her vehicle, WDJT-TV reports.

That’s when Freeman apparently lost her cool, jammed her car into reverse and slammed into a patrol vehicle - knocking down her passenger mother and dragging a police officer on a car door in the process.

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As can be seen in the alarming footage, Freeman then sped off down the highway in her damaged vehicle, leaving a shocked officer and her injured mother behind.

The reckless driver was arrested a few days later and is facing five felony charges, according to Fox6Now.