Feeding Frenzy: Epic shark dinner party in Western Australia (VIDEO)

© Eco Abrolhos
A video of a group of tiger sharks feasting on a dead humpback whale off Australia’s western coast has to be seen to be believed. The water makes for crystal clear footage of the feeding frenzy.

Posted on Facebook by Eco Abrolhos, the video shows scores of sharks gathering for a feed on Saturday, according to the page.

Filmed at the aptly-named Shark Bay by a cruise ship traveling to Broome from Geraldton, the footage shows the sharks gathering around the whale carcass and tucking in.

With a combination of drone and GoPro footage, the video shows close ups of the bloody meal as well as truly epic scenes from above.

Two small boats float very close to the action – a move that seems a little risky, given the literal bloodbath taking place in the water.

The video also shows some amazing underwater angles, with the sharks swimming right in front of the camera.