It takes a village… to move an entire house by hand (VIDEO)

It takes a village… to move an entire house by hand (VIDEO)
While most news involves governments and terrorists blowing things up, occasionally an inspirational story emerges about humans working together to build something - and renews our faith in humanity.

Take this video where people from all walks of life got together and moved a house to the other side of their village.

The cooperative act, which is believed to have taken place in Indonesia, shows the strength and unity of the community.

After a countdown, villagers lifted the giant wooden structure and, in a matter of seconds, maneuvered it across a field with surprising ease.  

Several strong women, including some wearing their traditional head scarves, were part of the moving crew.

This kind of community spirit is a centuries-old global phenomenon, dating from before the time cash was king.

Indonesians and Malaysians call it gotong-royong.

Other cultures honor the tradition in similar ways under different names.