SpaceX launch spine-tingling 360-degree video of Falcon 9 landing (VIDEO)

© SpaceX
Final frontier explorers Space X have released a 360-degree video of the recent ground-breaking Falcon 9 touchdown at sea.

The pet project of space development entrepreneur Elon Musk achieved a major milestone earlier this month when the reusable rocket arrived safely at its Atlantic droneship port. 

Previous attempts at such a landing were an explosive failure. 

The new 360 video offers a unique perspective on the project’s incredible droneship landing, as a small burning orb in the sky becomes the swiftly approaching Falcon 9.

The craft’s thrusters provide spine-tingling sounds as an appropriate ‘soundtrack’ to the rocket landing.

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Given the Falcon 9 went through a series of botched landings during previous attempts, it’s unclear how many camera rigs Musk destroyed to capture the momentous occasion.