Windows 10 hell: Live weather forecast ambushed by dreaded pop-up (VIDEO)

© Shannon Stapleton
It seems Microsoft just doesn’t know when to stop pestering everyone about the Windows 10 upgrade, even during a live televised weather forecast.

Having the pop-up reminder to download the latest incarnation of Windows can often leave people feeling a little like this:

During a broadcast on Wednesday morning, Meteorologist Matinka Slater of KCCI 8 News did manage to act much calmer, however, when a Windows 10 pop-up-shaped ‘hurricane’ appeared to be advancing on the state of Iowa.

Slater quickly got rid of the pesky popup and tried to continue with her forecast, but Windows 10 doesn’t give up easy though with the remainder of the images on screen stalling.

“It’s that Windows 10… don’t do it,” Slate jokes.

At least it would be a little more understandable if good old Clippy turned up.

Since unveiling its latest version of Windows, there has been a lot of anger expressed among users who appear to be having a number of issues with the operating system.