Quick thinking cop saves Chinese motorists from plunging into sinkhole (VIDEO)

© Carlos Barria
This CCTV footage from China could have gone viral for very different reasons if it weren’t for a policeman who sprung swiftly into action.

His quick reaction saved nearby drivers, who would certainly have plunged into a crater along with a section of crumbling road as it dropped suddenly in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province. 

Just moments before the two-meter-deep sinkhole appeared in the middle of a busy road, an eagle-eyed traffic cop cordoned off the cracking area with cones.

He barely avoided being run over in process himself, thanks to impatient motorists.

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Security cameras captured the chaos on Thursday, which was then shared online by a local news channel.

CCTV News reports that “further investigation over the collapse is currently underway”.