‘Dust devil’ twister sucks in Chinese schoolboy (VIDEO, PHOTO)

‘Dust devil’ twister sucks in Chinese schoolboy (VIDEO, PHOTO)
A ‘dust devil’ whirlwind has terrified a bunch of schoolkids in China, when it ripped through a sports event. One of the students got thrown into the air and injured.

Three little twisters tore through a sports field at Yuanquan Primary School, in northern Gansu province. The whole thing got captured on video.

Kids can be heard screaming in terror, as the twisters rip through the place, and objects are thrown in the air.

The children are trying to lie on the ground to avoid being hurt by the terrifying whirlwind.

“We brought the short and thin children together to lie on the ground,” one of the school’s teachers, Fang Fang, told CCTV.

A boy is hurled into the sky, as shown in a picture taken by one of the witnesses of the "dust devil" madness.

“[The twister] was at least 3 meters high. I rushed to him and tried to catch him. But just in two or three seconds, the student fell to the ground,” said Tong Ruiyang, a policeman at the Guazhou Public Security Bureau.

According to other estimates, the whirlwinds were up to 40 meters high.

The student suffered minor head injuries and was taken to the hospital.

“We immediately started to evacuate the students. But in a very short time, the second round of the dust devil arrived,” Fang told CCTV, as cited by NBC News.